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Pallet Wrapping

Pallet Wrapping

Do you need a pallet wrapping service?

Pallets are used to store and transport goods, they should always be wrapped in transit for safety reasons.

This is where we come in! We offer a variety of services including custom packaging solutions that will keep your products safe from damage during transit.

You want the best protection for your product while it’s being shipped out to its destination so you don’t have any issues with damages or delays?

Well then our pallet wrapping service will make sure everything arrives safely at its destination without any problems whatsoever.

And all this comes at an affordable price too.

Do you need a pallet wrapping service?
How Our Pallet Wrapping Service Works
How it works

How Our Pallet Wrapping Service Works

Our pallet wrapping service is a process that protects the goods on pallets from damage and prevents them from being susceptible to theft.

This process starts with using stretch wrap or shrink film to cover all surfaces of the pallet, sheeting it out so that no corners are left exposed.

Then, load binders are applied in order to secure items on top of the pallet.

Lastly, another layer of film is placed over top of everything and heat sealed down – this leaves an area for labels that will be printed later.

How it works

How We Wrap

Depending on the size of your load we can wrap your pallet using different methods.

Regardless of which pallet wrapping method we use you can be certain that your package will be professionally wrapped so that it won’t come to any harm in transit.



(our staff do it by hand)

Manually hand wrapping is a manual and time-consuming process that relies on people to manually stretch wrap the load.

A worker starts by securely wrapping the film around the pallet before walking it around the load, repeating as necessary until there are no gaps in coverage.

We only do this if it is just a very small one off load that needs dispatching quickly as it saves time loading it up onto one of the machines.

Semi automatic stretch wrapper

Semi automatic stretch wrapper

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers feature a spinning turntable which allows the load to be turned on top of the machine and then wrap film is applied. We typically use this for smaller orders of just a few pallets (less than ten).

High speed automatic stretch wrapping machine

High speed automatic stretch wrapping machine

High speed automatic stretch wrappers are similar to semi-automatic styles in that a machine performs the actual stretch wrapping of a load.

However, automatic stretch wrappers typically include infeed and exit conveyors to automatically cycle loads through the machine.

This means that these machines can be operated around the clock without any need for human labor meaning if you have a big shipment that needs wrapping there will be minimal waiting time while it gets wrapped.


Once your pallets have been wrapped our team of experienced pallet handlers will ensure that they are carefully loaded onto trucks ready for dispatch.


You can care about your business. We will care about the rest.


Our Custom Wrapping Service

We are also experts when it comes to custom packaging fragile, large, awkward and valuable items like computers, servers, artworks and antiques or anything else.

We specialize in accessing the right type of packaging for any item to ensure the adequate protection of your shipment.

Whether it’s an urgent order or a last minute change we can make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish.


As the world of business continues to grow, so does the need for efficient and cost-efficient methods in which to transport goods and keep them protected during transit.

Our pricing will depend on the number of pallets you need wrapping as well as what size pallets you are using.

The more product you are sending the more wrap we will need to use hence a higher cost.

To find out exactly how much your pallet wrapping job is likely to cost simply get in touch with us today and let us know the pallet sizes you need wrapping as well as the number of pallets.


Why You Should Use Our Services


We provide professional and safe wrapping


Wrapping ensures that your packages arrive without being damaged


Gives peace of mind to customers knowing their purchases have been properly protected in transit


We ship all over the world

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